Vegan Fitness Week 8

On May 24th I finished the 8th and last week of my first Vegan Fitness Challenge. I will be short with this post because two weeks have passed already and I’m starting a new Vegan Fitness Challenge tomorrow but this time for muscle gain instead of fat loss. If you didn’t read my 7th week report you can read about it here.

Here are my results after 8 weeks:

Before and After pictures

It’s the first time in my life that I see something that kind of looks like a tiny six pack.

Looking back…

I’m quite happy with the results on my body but the mental transformation had the strongest and biggest impact.

The mental challenge of starting weighing almost everything I eat and putting all the data on MyFitnessPal was very boring and kind of annoying in the first 3 weeks but now it’s second nature and I already have an idea of how much a certain portion of food will weigh so I don’t have to weigh everything if I don’t want to.

What about the vegan diet?

I was only doing a vegan diet for the last 3 weeks of the challenge but since I did it in a slowly and very gradual way since the beginning of the challenge it felt like a pretty natural process. I was able to still have results even with a vegan diet, which is quite good if you want to show people that it’s possible to have results without much effort.

What are my goals now?

My goals now are to start a muscle gain vegan fitness challenge and see how it feels to go vegan for the full 8 weeks. I will try to blog about the whole process in a better way than I did for this challenge.

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