True Strength Summer 2020 Week 1

Today is the end of the first week of the True Strength Summer 2020 vegan fitness challenge.

This post will be part of a series of posts, one published every week. You can read the initial post here.

As I was expecting, hitting the 3118 calories was a total failure. I could only do it three days this week. My body was simply not used to eating so much food anymore. Only on Friday I was feeling that my body is adjusting to the much bigger amount of food so hopefully my stomach will be ready for the even bigger amount of calories this week.

New macros

My macros for week 2 will be the following:

Total Calories 3218
Protein (17%) 137g
Fat (30%) 107g
Carbohydrates (53%) 426g

Fat was increased a little bit to make it easier to achieve the higher amount of calories.

Let’s see how this will work out for me!

Finally back to the gym

I have to say that it feels great to be back to the gym!

Fortunately gyms opened on the 2nd of June here in Berlin so right on time for me to be able to do the bulking program with gym!

Not everything in the gym is allowed to be used to make sure that people keep some distance but I had absolutely zero problems with any of my workouts.

Changes to my diet

Since I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my calories, one of the things that the app tells me is the amount of sugar that I should eat every day. In my case, for my bulking goal, the app is recommending me a maximum of 103g of sugar per day. I was sometimes going over this limit by 15 or 30 grams. Because of this I’ve changed my breakfast slightly. Still a very quick and easy breakfast but with a little bit less sugar.


I totally struggled to hit the calories. I was so used to the 2000kcal of the previous challenge that it felt that I had to force feed myself until I had food touching my uvula.

I was easily reaching dinner with still 1000kcal to go! I was like “How will I ever eat so much? No chance! This is a disaster!”

I think that eating less portions more frequently will probably be the way to go.

Changes for week 2

For week 2 I will definitely introduce more healthy fats probably in the form of seeds and nuts to make it easier to reach my target calories. I will adjust every day and let you know net week how it went.

Thanks for reading!

You can continue reading about week 2…

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