True Strength Summer 2020

Welcome to my quest of achieving a better version of myself.

The purpose of this series of blog posts will be to document my new 8-week vegan fitness challenge.

This was the result of my previous 8-week shred vegan fitness challenge:

Before and After pictures

New starting point

Before Picture June 6th

New macros

Total Calories 3118
Protein 137g
Fat 87g
Carbohydrates 447g

My first reaction to these new macros was something like “WTF? Is this for real?”

I told this to a couple of friends and their immediate reaction was that I can just go to McDonalds and easily achieve those results.

Let’s assume for a second that I’m not even trying a vegan diet…

The problem with this McDonalds approach is the failure to realize that the problem here is actually not the calories by themselves even though I’m totally not used to eating that much because I was eating 2000kcal per day for the past 10 weeks.

Using the McDonalds nutrition calculator you can see that a Big Mac medium menu has around 1000kcal with 45g of fat and 30g of protein, if I just eat two of those I already exploded the amount of fat that I’m supposed to eat in one day and I still need 57 more grams of protein.

Of course you can always say “But then you can just have two protein shakes and you can hit the protein target.”

I personally believe that a diet based on McDonalds and protein shakes is not a good diet for a person to have.

What I will eat?

I still don’t know what I will eat daily but since I’m still doing home office because of the corona virus situation it gives me a lot of flexibility. Once I have to start going to the office again I will have to adjust to a new routine and it will be a bit more complicated but I’ll eventually adjust to it anyway.

I saw those cereals at the supermarket and they looked good so I decided to try. I eat 100g each time with 200ml of oat milk so that gives me a very fast and easy breakfast for five days.

The macros for that according to MyFitnessPal are the following:
Calories: 552 Carbs 83g – Fat 17g – Protein 13g

Depending on how it goes for the next 5 days I’ll see what I need to adjust to my breakfast.

If you want to continue reading about week 1 click here.

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