True Strength Summer 2020 Week 3

Last week I did the check-in for the end of the third week of the True Strength Summer 2020 vegan fitness challenge.

This post will be part of a series of posts, one published every week. You can read the previous post here.

I’m posting this one week after and there is not much I would like to say now besides that the week went quite well in general. Here are my progress pictures.

Current progress

Front progress after three weeks
Side progress after three weeks

From the front the progress is not very visible in the picture. The progress was mostly on my shoulders and arms and I’m general much stronger

Increased macros

My macros where changed to the following for this week:
Total Calories 3318
Protein (17%) 137g
Fat (30%) 111g
Carbohydrates (53%) 443g

I could hit my macros almost every day and I was quite proud of myself because it was super hard to reach 3000 when I started this challenge.

Nutrition changes

I did some changes to my nutrition. Mostly to my breakfast. I’m not eating all those cereals with a lot of sugar anymore and I’ve changed to just using oats mixed with berries and oat milk.

Not much to add. Thanks for following my progress.

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