True Strength Summer 2020 Week 2

Today I did the check-in of the end of the second week of the True Strength Summer 2020 vegan fitness challenge.

This post will be a part of a series of posts, one published every week. You can read the previous post here.

Still adjusting to the new macros

This week I definitely felt that I was still adjusting to the new macros. It’s getting a bit easier every day and this week I felt that I really had results on my body.

You probably can’t see anything from the pictures but both have a 1.5Kg (3.3lbs) difference and I’m much stronger than last week. I’m feeling that I’m improving very fast.

I should probably use different shorts for the next photo and also edit the photos so that it doesn’t look like I’m taller on one of them.

Weight gainer to the rescue

One thing that I personally consider a total waste of money is a weight gainer but during this transition phase from 2000kcal to 3200kcal it was very helpful to just drink a lot of calories quickly. When I was noticing that I was not going to hit my calories for the day I would just do one shake with this vegan weight gainer that I found on Amazon.

V-Gainer Vegan Weight Gainer

Protein powder also to the rescue

I actually didn’t use it this week but I think I didn’t mention it before so I’ll mention it here. For my first week I was using this vegan protein powder. I didn’t use it this week because I was reaching my protein goals just with food and the vegan weight gainer.

Vegan 3K-Protein

My breakfast is not enough anymore

My breakfast that you can see on my last post was very fast and quick is just not enough anymore. It’s very interesting to see that a breakfast that was nice and convenient now leaves me starving after one hour. This makes is very obvious that even if you don’t see changes in the mirror, your body is definitely changing inside and it demands more calories. I’ll do some breakfast experiments this week and I’ll let you know next week what I tried.

Goals for next week

I still didn’t get the feedback from the coach on what should be my new calories or if I should maintain the 3218kcal per day but anyway my goal is so start doing Yoga and running 20min three times per week again. If you’re reading this and you’re not doing yoga, please start doing it, even if it’s just 5min in the morning every day.

The reason why I stopped running and yoga is because I was not hitting my calories for the day so I was making sure that I would do the minimum extra exercise possible so that I would use as many calories as possible for the muscle building process.

I definitely miss yoga and running. I’m not doing it already for two weeks and it feels strange. It was already my morning ritual to do yoga in the morning and go for a run before having breakfast.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next updates.

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