True Strength Summer 2020 Week 4

Last week I did the check-in for the end of the third week of the True Strength Summer 2020 vegan fitness challenge.

This post will be part of a series of posts, one published every week. You can read the previous post here.

Stress disaster!

This week didn’t go well. Too much stress at work and too many things to do. There is actually not much to say. I did only two workouts and didn’t eat properly. I was not even tracking my calories properly.

I thought the stress was over and that week 5 would be amazing but that was not the case.

Yesterday I reflected on what was happening to my life I wasn’t liking it. I believe I already have a plan and I will share some of my insights with you in future posts.


In case you’re also doing this fitness challenge or any other challenge in your life, if it would be easy it would not be a challenge.

Even if you feel somehow disappointed or frustrated sometimes, like my friend Assen Saraiwanow used to say, “Never ever give up!”.

That’s it for today’s post, not much to write. Sometimes it’s like that. It’s also worth to share my disappointment and frustration with you so that you don’t think that I’m doing everything with failures.

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