Vegan Fitness Week 4

On April 25th I’ve finished week 4 of my vegan fitness challenge. If you didn’t read about my week 3 you can click here to read about it. This week was the worst until now but I’ve made a lot of discoveries that I will use for week 5. Current macros My macros for this… Continue reading Vegan Fitness Week 4

Vegan Fitness Week 3

I’m writing this post after having started week 4. If you didn’t read my report on my second week you can click here. I need to be a bit more consistent with my weekly reports that will read in the future and laugh about the things I was struggling with. I should have noted down… Continue reading Vegan Fitness Week 3

Vegan Fitness Week 2

Today is the end of week 2 of the vegan fitness challenge I’m working on. If you have missed my review of week 1, you can check my previous post here. My macros for this week were changed to have 300 calories more:Total Calories: 2000Protein: 141g (28%)Fat: 44g (20%)Carbohydrates: 259g (52%) This actually made a… Continue reading Vegan Fitness Week 2

Vegan Fitness

On Sunday, March 29th I started a vegan fitness challenge. I actually look at it as both a challenge and a transformation. I have been following Nimai Delgado for a while on Instagram and he was recently promoting his new vegan fitness challenge. I decided to try to enroll on this vegan transformation mainly to… Continue reading Vegan Fitness