Vegan Fitness Week 4

On April 25th I’ve finished week 4 of my vegan fitness challenge. If you didn’t read about my week 3 you can click here to read about it. This week was the worst until now but I’ve made a lot of discoveries that I will use for week 5.

Current macros

My macros for this week were not changed.
Total Calories: 2000
Protein: 141g (28%)
Fat: 44g (20%)
Carbohydrates: 259g (52%)

Improvements to my diet

One thing that I improved for my breakfast was the amount of fat that I was eating by replacing avocado on the bread with a strawberry jam that I still had in my fridge. The problem with this is that it’s full of sugar so I won’t buy it anymore and I will get back to my oatmeal with fruits. I ran out of oats and forgot to buy more. Forgetting to buy oats makes it obvious that this is still not a habit and that it’s still a slow process for me to adjust to.

One thing that you can easily find here in the supermarket is protein bread, Eiweißbrot as it’s called here.

I thought that it would be a good way to eat more protein in the morning. The problem is that the fat intake is also high so if I eat four slides of bread, which I can easily do, it will drop a lot of the fat I could eat for dinner for example. It’s a learning and I won’t buy it anymore because I can easily eat too much of it.

Another bread that I bought was Sunflower bread.

It also has too much fat so I will also not buy it anymore and next time I go to the supermarket I will find a good replacement for both protein bread and sunflower bread.

Water intake

I can finally easily drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. No where near the 3.7 liters (1 gallon) that I should be drinking but I’ll really try hard during week 5 to drink at least 2 liters every day. It’s a real challenge for me.


The corona craziness is calming down a bit in Berlin so I was able to finally find different kinds of Tofu in the supermarket but the ones I’ve found also have a bit of fat. Not too much so I think I can replace all the chicken that I’m eating for lunch for week 5 with Tofu.

Protein bars

Extremely convenient postworkout meal and has been a macro saviour. I didn’t do much research on them yet but I’ll do so for week 5 and I will write about them also and decide which one is my favourite brand and flavour. I was more concerned about the protein intake than any of the rest because I used to struggle a lot with my 141g per day protein intake. I still need to work on my meals a bit so that I eventually stop eating a protein bar every day and do it only in special conditions where I really can’t prepare a proper meal.


Regarding the workouts, I’m definitely much stronger compared to my first week of this challenge. It’s crazy how much you can improve in such a short amount of time if you keep some consistency. Even doing three rest days this week, which for me is a total failure compared to my consistency the last weeks, I’m quite proud of my strength gains. Maybe these rest time will even help to get stronger because I was feeling very tired after the workouts and maybe my body was just asking for a break. I still feel that the workouts are super hard but they don’t feel ridiculously hard anymore like in the first week where I was like “WTF is this sh$%?”

I skipped all the HIIT and LISS parts of the workout at the end of the workouts because I was already destroyed. For week 5 I will try to compensate and seriously workout every day.

Goals for week 5

These are the goals for week 5 that I think I should explore

  • order a flavoured vegan protein power from Amazon because the one I have has no flavour and if I don’t mix it with fruits it’s totally disgusting
  • find a low fat bread to use for breakfast instead of the protein bread and sunflower bread
  • workout every day of the week to compensate for the missed workouts
  • replace chicken with different types of tofu for lunch every day
  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day

Those are already some things to focus on so let’s see how it will go.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

You can continue to week 5 here.

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