Vegan Fitness Week 5

On May 3rd I finished week 5 of my vegan fitness challenge. I’m writing this post after having finished week 6 yesterday. I really need to start writing a little bit every day and then edit everything on the day I finish the week. If you didn’t read about my week 4 you can read about it here.

This week was also not very good just like week 4. For some reason that I didn’t understand I was not so motivated and didn’t have much energy.

Goals for week 5

My goals for this week were the following:

  • order a flavoured vegan protein power from Amazon because the one I have has no flavour and if I don’t mix it with fruits it’s totally disgusting
  • find a low fat bread to use for breakfast instead of the protein bread and sunflower bread
  • workout every day of the week to compensate for the missed workouts
  • replace chicken with different types of tofu for lunch every day
  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day

I didn’t buy the protein, I will do it right after finishing writing this post. I will let you know which one I bought in a future post.

I was able to find various breads that are very low in fat which helps me quite a lot to keep my breakfast fat intake much lower because with a low fat bread I can put peanut butter on it and still leave a nice buffer for my fat intake for my other meals.

Regarding the workouts, this is where I failed. I just did two workouts the whole week. Because I didn’t have much energy I was waking up late, around 8:30 and starting to work at 9h. After work I gave priority to other things promising myself that I would do the workout the next day for sure, but as you can expect, promising yourself you will do the workout the next day is as good as not promising anything.

What about still eating meat?

Of course, this will not be a vegan fitness challenge if I keep eating meat and dairy products in general. You will be happy to know that on week 6 I ate meat just one time! So I’m definitely getting there but that’s a topic for next week’s post.

Are you already drinking at least 2 liters of water per day?

Unfortunately also not. But I can now easily drink at least 1.5 liters so it’s not that bad. I still have dry skin on my legs many times so I will try to find a nice vegan body lotion to take care of that until I’m not drinking enough water.

You’re a failure! Just give up! You’ll never do it!

This week was a failure but week 6 was definitely not. I’m learning a lot about how to eat properly, it’s taking me a massive amount of effort but it’s getting easier and easier. It’s becoming second nature to track everything on MyFitnessPal.

The biggest problem for me is to have no clue about how many calories I’m eating when I eat outside but since we’re in these corona times that doesn’t happen so often so I’m not too worried at the moment.

Not so much to write about for week 5, tomorrow I will write about how week 6 went.

Thanks for reading!

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